HETI Health Education in Practice Symposium

The HETI Health Education in Practice Symposium, held in Sydney on the 7-8th May, provided an important opportunity of two members of the SIF Project, Professor Jill Thistlethwaite and Associate Professor Roger Dunston, to present on the development and current status of the SIF Project. Their presentation, titled ‘Embedding interprofessional education in a uni-professional world’, is available to view.

The symposium was a rich event with many diverse presentations. What stood out from many of the presentations and discussions, was a shared interest in the development of interprofessional, collaborative and team based approaches in both education and practice. One important outcome of the meting will see the SIF Project and HETI talking further about possible ways to collaborate around the development of interprofessional approaches that span higher education into practice.

Tribute to Professor Scott Reeves

It is with great sadness that we inform our interprofessional colleagues of the sudden death of Professor Scott Reeves on May 4th.  Scott has been a colleague, friend, collaborator and expert for the interprofessional community over the last several decades.  He has been, and will continue to be, well-known globally as an interprofessional scholar; and he has been editor-in-chief of the Journal of Interprofessional Care since 2010.  With a background as a social scientist, he has been involved in health professional education and health services research for over 20 years.  His most recent position was at Kingston University and St George’s University of London, in the Centre for Health and Social Care Research.  Prior to this he worked in Canada and the USA, following his early career in the UK. Those of us working in this field have cited Scott’s works many many times over the years – he has authored papers, reports, books, book chapters and a blog, many of which have been translated into several languages – and we have heard him speak in many countries around the globe.

Scott is survived by his wife and 3 sons – our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

Tributes may be left at: https://www.caipe.org/news/professor-scott-reeves

Written by Professor Jill Thistlethwaite

Australia and New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) | 2017 conference

Members of the SIF Project Management Team presented at the 2017 Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) Conference, which was held in Adelaide from the 11 – 14 July. We presented on the aims and development of the SIF Project. Along with the presentations we gave, we had a SIF Project stall in the exhibition area. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to say hello and find out more about the project.

You can access our presentation here.

Registration is now open for the 2018 ANZAHPE conference with will be held in Tasmania. Visit the conference website for more information.

A key milestone for the SIF Project – National IPE round-table

The SIF project created a decision making and action focused forum to bring all key bodies together to focus on the establishment of an Australian IPE GDF, and, more particularly, an Australian Interprofessional Education Council. The Round-Table was held at the University of Technology Sydney on the 21st September 2017.

In a report on the round-table, we summarised the major outcomes as follows:

Round-table participants:

  1. Affirmed the vision, scope and focus of the SIF project remit
  2. Reviewed, improved and agreed a statement of purpose and terms of reference for the Australian IPE Council
  3. Provided advice on how to best auspice and approach funding the work of the IPE Council and other elements of the IPE Governance and Development Framework. This advice focuses on the development of a multi-organisation and consortium based approach
  4. A number of participating organisations agreed to work together with the project team to explore the benefits and implications of a collective – consortium or centre of excellence approach – to auspicing and funding the IPE Council
  5. Confirmed interest in working with the SIF project to extend a system wide approach to the design, implementation and sustainability of Australian IPE.

The full round table report can be accessed here.

The Australian Council of Governments’ Accreditation Systems Review – a remarkable opportunity for Australian IPE and IPC

See the SIF Project submission here.

Given the central importance of accreditation for establishing the legitimacy, credibility and necessity for areas of practice and education to be included in core curriculum, the timing of the Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) ‘Independent Review of Accreditation Systems with the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health professionals’ (the ASR), could not have been better. From March 2017 onwards, the SIF project team members met with members of the ASR. As did many other organisations, we authored and submitted our views on Australian accreditation and the future of IPE.

Our submission drew on research and consultations conducted over the last decade. We also drew on the experience of colleagues internationally. In reviewing the submission Richard Pitt, Chair, of the Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE) – United Kingdom – and Visiting Professor Tokyo Metropolitan University, commented: “This is a significant development for Australia to ensure embedding interprofessional education and collaborative practice in the accreditation system. I commend the recommendations the SIF Report makes to the Australian accreditation system and the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme. CAIPE welcomes this contribution to the global development of interprofessional collaborative learning and practice.”

Our submission –  five recommendations:

Our submission to the ASR was built around five recommendations:

  1. IPE standards and accreditation to be adopted as part of the Australian accreditation system. This overarching recommendation is to be given effect through the following:
  2. All accredited professions adopt common interprofessional education standards.
  3. All accredited professions adopt a common approach to conducting interprofessional education accreditation.
  4. The National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) supports the development of resources, tools and guidelines specifically aimed at enabling the development and successful implementation of IPE and accreditation.
  5. NRAS establishes arrangements that link the work of a future interprofessional education Council with the work of the national accreditation system.

The ASR draft report included an extensive and extremely positive discussion as to the importance and further development of Australian IPE. The work of the SIF Project also received positive comment.

As far as we are aware, the positive comments and strong recommendations as to the inclusion of IPCP and IPE standards in all curricula and accreditation standards, is the first time that such comments have been made at the national level in such an important COAG initiated review.

The ASR final report is now with COAG Health Ministers. Whichever way the COAG response is developed, we believe a new level of positive recognition has been accorded to IPE and IPCP and their role in ensuring the safety, quality, patient centredness and sustainability of the Australian health system.

Interprofessional Education Showcase NZ | Presentation now available

Location: Auckland, New Zealand.

Presented by the Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education at the University of Auckland, the Showcase was a full day of fascinating presentations from a wide range of presenters from around the country. The biennial forum was a well-attended event and an excellent opportunity to network within the IPE research community.

The SIF Project Lead, Assoc. Prof. Roger Dunston, was an invited speaker. The presentation from the event is avialable here.

Interprofessional Education Showcase 23 & 24 Nov | New Zealand

Save the dates: 23 and 24 November 2017
Location: Auckland, New Zealand.

Presented by the Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education at the University of Auckland, the Showcase is a full day of fascinating presentations from a wide range of presenters from around the country. This biennial forum is a well-attended event and an excellent opportunity to network within the IPE research community.

The SIF Project Lead, Assoc. Prof. Roger Dunston, is an invited speaker.

Click here for more information.