This page lists the series of completed projects which have led to the current SIF Project.

Curriculum Renewal in Interprofessional Education in Health: Establishing Leadership and Capacity (2016)

The Curriculum Renewal for Interprofessional Education in Health: ‘Establishing Leadership and Capacity’ (ELC) project builds from a number of Australian and global studies and reports that address a range of critical issues associated with the development of interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional practice (IPP) within Australia and globally.

Informing the focus and design of the project was the view that Australian IPE had reached a point where a whole of system approach to development was now possible and required. This was talked about in terms of Australian IPE development having reached a ‘tipping point’; and Australian IPE now needing a new and scaled-up change focused methodology. There was also a sense that project based initiatives, whilst important, were unable to generate the momentum and system wide buy-in that was now seen as necessary. These views are not surprising as one of the most consistent findings from studies of IPE in Australia is that it has been local and disconnected from a broader national context.      Read more…

 Work based assessment of teamwork: an interprofessional approach (2015)

This report focuses on the rationale for, the development of and the piloting of a tool for observing and giving feedback on an individual student’s behavior in an interprofessional team based activity. The study was conducted during 2012–2014 with a project team initially led by the University of Queensland, and included team members from five Australian universities in three states (University of Queensland, University of Technology Sydney, The University of Sydney, Central Queensland University and Curtin University), as well as from the UK (University of Derby) and Canada (University of British Columbia).

This project builds on the work of the Curriculum Renewal for Interprofessional Education in Health (2014). Both in Australia (as evidenced by the Curriculum Renewal project) and globally there is a need for tools to assess the learning outcomes of interprofessional education (IPE) and whether these have been achieved by pre-qualification health professional students. The output of the project is the iTOFT: the individual teamwork observation and feedback tool.

Curriculum Renewal for Interprofessional Education in Health (2014)

This report focuses on the design, delivery, development and future of pre-registration interprofessional education (IPE) in Australian universities. The study was conducted during 2011-2013 by a consortium led by the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) which included nine Australian universities, two government bodies and a non-government organisation. Read more…

Interprofessional Education: a National Audit (2013)

This report presents an analysis of preregistration interprofessional education (IPE) in health occurring in the Australian higher education sector during 2011/12. The Report is the first attempt in Australia, and globally, to present a national profile of IPE activity in higher education.

Interprofessional education for health professionals in Western Australia: Perspectives and activity (2013)

This report is the outcome of research funded by Western Australian Department of Health (WA Health) to ‘identify and analyse existing interprofessional health education (IPE) activity’ in Western Australia (WA) universities. It is an exploratory study, using WA as a case study in recognition of the scope and range of activities taking place in WA institutions, primarily universities. Read more…

Interprofessional Health Education on: a literature review (2011)

This review seeks to situate the contemporary Australian field of IPL/IPE within its history, nationally and internationally, in order to illuminate how it has taken the form and shape that it has, how it relates to international agendas in health and health professional education and shifts in the higher education sector, and to resource a research and development agenda for system-wide change. Read more…

Interprofessional health education in Australia: The way forward (2009)

The national consultation undertaken in this project – Learning and Teaching for Interprofessional Practice, Australia (L-TIPP, Aus) – revealed many examples of innovative and successful interprofessional education (IPE) initiatives developed across the Australian higher education sector. However, health and higher education stakeholders interviewed consistently told us that these initiatives tend to be local, developed in isolation, driven by and dependent on the concerted efforts of a few local ‘champions’, and existing on the margins of health professional curricula and health professional practice. Read more…