Patrick Boyle

patrick-boyleAfter working for 20 years in academic and leadership roles in universities in Australia (ANU, UNSW) and overseas, since 2007 Patrick has run his own small consulting business, Q Associates International, which he started in 1999. His expertise and much of his work and scholarship are in the related areas of evaluation, measurement, and learning and systematic improvement at the individual, team or organizational levels. In addition he has extensive experience in coaching, project design and leadership, strategy development and planning. Patrick has carried out consulting projects for several universities in Australia and internationally as well as for a range of other organizations. His evaluation work has  spanned whole-of-organization, functions, programs and projects. He has provided advisory and coaching services for vice-chancellors and other university senior leaders as well as senior executives in the corporate sector. With Professor Adri

an Lee, from 2008 to 2014 he led the development and facilitation of the highly successful workshop program Leading and Managing Projects for the Australian Learning and Teaching Council and then the Office for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Patrick also teaches and is a life-long learner of traditional Chinese and Japanese martial arts.