Interprofessional Health Education on: a literature review (2011)

This review seeks to situate the contemporary Australian field of IPL/IPE within its history, nationally and internationally, in order to illuminate how it has taken the fo
rm and shape that it has, how it relates to international agendas in health and health professional education and shifts in the higher education sector, and to resource a research and development agenda for system-wide change.
The review addresses the following questions:
  • Where does the field of IPL/IPE now sit in relation to its 50-year history?
  • What have been the key intervening factors and drivers shaping health policy and practice, and how have these changed the nature of health professional work?
  • What is the contemporary rationale for the development of interprofessional modes of health practice and how have these changed over a generation?
  • How has higher education changed over the past three decades to offer different challenges and opportunities for innovation in health professional education and practice?
  • What are the continuing impediments to reform and how are these being addressed?