Dawn Forman

dawn-formanRepresenting Curtin University (Aus) and the University of Derby (UK) for this project. For the last 10 years Dawn has been a co-owner and director of Interactive Leadership and Management Development a consultancy specialising in executive coaching, leadership and team development and academic writing. Dawn has been privileged to work on a free-lance basis with universities and health services internationally. Prior to her free-lance work Dawn was a Dean of Faculty for 13 years in the UK. Dawn has strong working links over the past 10 years with Australia where she worked full time for 15 months and Dawn’s coaching clients are based all over the world. Dawn is currently associate, for the Higher Education Academy, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and a senior associate of Ranmore Consulting and Dawn is a Visiting Professor at the University of Derby and the University of Chichester (UK) and Adjunct Professor at Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) and Curtin University, Perth Australia.

Securing an interprofessional future for Australian health professional education and
practice (SIF) is Dawn’s fifth Office of Learning and Teaching project and she is thrilled
to be working with such a positive, productive and proactive international team. Dawn
has been researching in the interprofessional arena since 1992.She is widely published,
including eight books and over 100 peer reviewed articles and she has been a key note
speaker at numerous international conferences. Further details about Dawns work can be found here and Dawns publications can be found on Researchgate here.