Adrian Fisher

adrian-fisherAdrian Fisher is now an Emeritus Professor at Victoria University. He previously was the Head of Psychology, working in the area of community psychology and has established successful postgraduate programs in this area.

Adrian has an international reputation for his work in Psychological Sense of Community, an area of research and application for himself and his students – particularly with a focus on social inclusion and exclusion mechanisms. He also leads a group research aspects of the social and emotional support needs of parents of academically gifted children.

More recently, he has been applying research knowledge and skills to attitudinal and behavioural responses to alternative sources of drinking water.

Adrian has contributed to significant academic and applied developments both within and outside Victoria University. These include:

  • Head of School
  • Head of Psychology Discipline
  • Foundation Head of the Postgraduate Office
  • Chair of the Health Interprofessional Education Advisory Committee – with external contributions including membership of the Central Region Executive Clinical Placement Network
  • Chair of the Board of Community Psychologists.