Seminars at the University of Melbourne

August 2018 | Melbourne, Australia

Presented by Professor Dawn Forman and Keryn Bolte

We recently took to opportunity to deliver two leadership development seminars and two SIF Project seminars to colleagues at the University of Melbourne. These seminars were kindly organised and co presented by Dawn Forman for the SIF Project Management Team and Keryn Bolte from the Department of Rural Health and were presented to around 100 colleagues including researchers and supervisors from the department of rural health, executive and health service colleagues from North East Health plus the cross university Work Integrated Learning Committee of the University of Melbourne.   

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an umbrella term that is used to describe a variety of learning activities, experiences, approaches and strategies which integrate academic theory with authentic real-world work experiences. This can include internships, work placements, community engagement opportunities, industry based learning and work experience. WIL represents the engagement between University staff, students and industry partners working together to enhance a learning journey which benefits all parties.

The seminars were well received and feedback to the SIF Project Management Team included:

  • Could students be included in the consortium/council?
  • Could the governance system dovetail with existing systems eg (BPCLE: Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment, Victorian Dept of Health public health service funding)
  • Could staff please be notified as soon as the knowledge repository is available?
  • The curriculum development model would be useful to other WIL programmes particularly engineering
  • It may be helpful to include more competencies relating to the encouragement of encouraging social and cultural equity.
  • Could we make a request for assessment tools for IPE on the Knowledge repository.

The photos below show some of those involved:

A few of the wonderful staff of the Department of Rural Health, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne. Kylie Boscolo (Education Coordinator), Keryn Bolte, Prof. Dawn Forman and Prof. Lisa Bourke (Director of the University Dept of Rural Health)
Inspiring Health Service and University colleagues: Margaret Bennett (Chief Executive Officer, North East Health), Dawn, Jacqui Verdon (Acting Director Education and Research) and Keryn.

This piece was written by Professor Dawn Forman and Keryn Bolte.

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