A key milestone for the SIF Project – National IPE round-table

The SIF project created a decision making and action focused forum to bring all key bodies together to focus on the establishment of an Australian IPE GDF, and, more particularly, an Australian Interprofessional Education Council. The Round-Table was held at the University of Technology Sydney on the 21st September 2017.

In a report on the round-table, we summarised the major outcomes as follows:

Round-table participants:

  1. Affirmed the vision, scope and focus of the SIF project remit
  2. Reviewed, improved and agreed a statement of purpose and terms of reference for the Australian IPE Council
  3. Provided advice on how to best auspice and approach funding the work of the IPE Council and other elements of the IPE Governance and Development Framework. This advice focuses on the development of a multi-organisation and consortium based approach
  4. A number of participating organisations agreed to work together with the project team to explore the benefits and implications of a collective – consortium or centre of excellence approach – to auspicing and funding the IPE Council
  5. Confirmed interest in working with the SIF project to extend a system wide approach to the design, implementation and sustainability of Australian IPE.

The full round table report can be accessed here.

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