Constituting the Project Reference Group

Letters of invitation have now been sent to our proposed Project Reference Group (PRG) members. The PRG will consist of an eminent group of national and international educators, health professionals, health policy professionals and research academics who will offer support and advice to the PMT. The PRG will meet with the PMT at regular intervals (we anticipate three to four monthly intervals) to offer insights, advice, commentary etc. In previous projects we have greatly appreciated the diverse and experience based comments of PRG members. We have also asked PRG members to advise on and contribute to the dissemination of project materials and reports. The focus of PRG activity will be built around regular updates from the project lead, which is then used as a focus for reflection and discussion. We have previously talked of the Reference group as a ‘critical friend’. Based on previous projects, we have found that the contribution of this group of experts has been invaluable. The first meeting of the PRG will be in early 2017.

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